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Guide to building a Shell only
Single Garage
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Page 7:The eaves

The Eaves
garage eaves

garage eaves plan

[f]   Frame top plate 100x50 [2x4] [p]   Sprocket 75x40 [1-1/2x3]. Member from wall to fascia to support soffit
[j]   Rafter 100x50 [2x4] [s]   Soffit 4.5 [1/4"] thick under eave cover
[k]   Ceiling joist 200x50 [2x8] spans the width of the garage and is fixed to the rafters [ba]   Barge board 150x25 [1x6]
[m]   Purlin 75x50 [2x3] [fa]   Fascia board 150x25 [1x6]
[o]   Ribbon plate 50x50 [2x2] fixed against wall frame to take sprockets  

Eaves section
garage eaves section detail The ribbon plate [o] is fixed horizontally to the side walls 96 [3-3/4"] down from the top plate [f]. This is called the "drop height".

The sprocket [p] or "soffit board" is a horizontal member fixed to the end of the rafter and to the ribbon plate. The eaves lining [s] is attached to the sprockets and usually also slotted into a groove in the fascia board [fa].

garage gable
Cladding at the end of the eaves
The cladding at the end of the eaves follows the rake of the roof and is cut horizontally flush with the bottom of the fascia board.
The eaves lining or soffit, can then butt up to the cladding.
garage dummy rafter

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bullet Page 4: The wall frames
bullet Page 5: The roof
bullet Page 6: Detail
bullet Page 7: The eaves
bullet Page 8: The exterior cladding
bullet Page 9: The roof cladding
bullet Page 10: The angle cuts
bullet Page 11: Bracing and fastening
bullet Page 12: Materials list
bullet Page 13: Cutting list
bullet Page 14: Glossary of terms
bullet Page 15: A guide to building the garage

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