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How to make a Simple Garden Seat

Your comments

Comments and Photos of your handiwork can be sent via the Contact Us page.

Photos and constructive comments are a great help to others contemplating the start of a project.


Thanks for your detailed instructions. I completed my project too. The original idea was taken from this page... more and photo >>
Denis Alyshev, Scotland (UK).

Hi, because of you we did perfect with little budget but look rich :) thank you
P.S. we changed the angle from 10 to 13 :) more and photo >>
Emre and Nesrin - from Turkey/Bodrum

Thanks for the vast information you have available. My twins and I took advantage of some of your pics more and photo >>
Marcos, Marcos and Andres

Thanks for your awesome Free Garden Bench Plans!!! I'm definitely a novice when it comes to wood working more and photo >>
Bill N. - Miller Place, NY

Hi I built a bbq table off the plans from your site a while ago, and decided our outdoor area needed some sort of casual seating, so I had another look for seating and came across this bench seat. more and photos >>

Thanks for the plans of the garden bench. The photos and ideas from others were also helpful. I too went with the 15 degree back rest angle. I also added a top 2x4 which makes a good arm rest and a level spot for a cup of coffee...   more and photo >>
S Norwood

Here's a photo of the first of two benches I'm making, following your plans! I did as other commentors have suggested and moved the seat-back angle to 15 degrees.
Also decided to make the seat more roomy by using 4 of the seat slats on bottom, and spacing out 3 on the top   more and photos >>

Hi I was searching for a Bench Plan for our local cricket club for a quick and easy bench to make in quantity. Yours was great   more and photos >>

Thanks for the bench great plans like the others i went with 15 degrees for the back.
The Build was very easy using only basic tools.   more and photo >>
Eoin Fanning

This bench was a joy to build. My buddies and myself out in the shop laughing and joking around, took about 2 hours to cut the pieces and slap it together... more and photo >>>
Drew Else. - St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

I built this for my wife from your plans, and it went together like a piece of cake (with several layers). I didn't need 5 lbs. of nails because I could buy a 2-lb. box. I also added some "skids" of treated lumber so the legs wouldn't sink into our soft ground. She loves it!
Greg Brownell. - South Bend, Indiana   see photos >>>

Hi Buildeazy.
I built two of the garden seats and donated them to a school (in South Africa). The benches will go outside in the playground.
First I marked out the sizes of the pieces and cut them, taking extra care with the angled parts.   more and photo >>

Dear Buildeazy,
I would like to say thank you for the free plans for the seat and the picnic table. Please see the attached files about my seat and picnic table.
Thank you for your kind guidance.
Best regards, Tokar Gabor    See pic.

I built three of these benches last year to go around our fire pit and they were a big hit with everyone. I've since built quite a few more for admirers of the seats. I highly recommend, as others have as well, to make the seat back 15 degrees to give a slightly more comfortable position.
Thanks!   Bob    See pic.

Hi. I build the garden seat. Instead of the seat slats, i used two Snowboards. Instead of 100x50 timber, i used 70x30 and i changed the back support angle to 15. For more stability with the elastic snowboards, i add two more spreaders. Greets from Switzerland.
Michael Forter    See pic.

Hi, I built three garden benches and one planter at a total cost of under $190 using all brand new material. I live in Hawaii and as you can imagine... more >>>
Hector Oahu, Hawaii    See pics.

Hi guys! Thanks a lot for the 'free plans'. Bench was easy to build and it looks nice too. Here are two pictures of when I just finished it, and after I stained it. Thanks again!! Heriberto Cervantes    See pics.

Here's another twist on the garden seat..
I used a skateboard as the backing and 2X3's instead of the 2X4's.
We love your website and thanks again for the plans.
Mike Paget    See pic.

Hi, Your plans are excellent. I built one bench last year for my fire pit and am planning on building another soon. I also modified the for the bench back to 15 degrees. It's quite comfortable.
Since I'm an almost 50 year old female - I'd like to give the female prospective on building this bench. It was easy, and rewarding to build and quite a conversational piece - everyone is so impressed. My son's friend suggested I build a smore's table to match. I used the same basic principles as your bench plans and I now also have a great table.
Thanks you for sharing. "Sitting" pretty in Oceanport, NJ.

Hi. I used your site plans to make a garden seat for my 9-year old daughter, who helped.
The plans worked great, and I am attaching a picture.
I would agree with other builders comments (below)-- to slant the backrest to 15 degrees, not 10, and to use 4 inch carriage bolts, not 4 1/2.
I seem to have an overhang on both sides of over 6 inches, but it still looks swell.
The whole thing took about 4 hours, if you include looking for tools and yelling at my kids.
We plan to stain and weatherize it, and to cover the ends of the carriage bolts with rubber covers so no one scratches themselves.
Thanks for a great site and a fun project for the novice!
Bradford    See photos.

After searching the internet for the "BEST" design, this treasured FREE!, Yes, FREE! park bench design is the greatest thing. It's plain, simple and easy to understand. My son did his Boy Scout Eagle Project and built 3 park benches for the church around the parking lot. With the help and guidance of an adult, these benches came out looking good, comfortable and are super sturdy. No nails used. They used heavy duty bolts. Then, they cemented these benches to the ground. The greatest satisfaction for him is seeing these benches are constantly used and enjoyed by many. I tell ya... this Eagle Scout is mighty proud of his project. He can go back 20 years from now and will still see these benches holding on pretty good. You can expect more Eagle projects as the boy scouts share this design. Thank you so much.
Smile! Have a blessed day!
Mimi    See photos.

Hi, The Garden Seat plans are excellent, thanks for putting them up online.
As a novice I found the instructions and diagrams very clear and easy to follow.
I would agree with the previous comment about 15 degree angle for the seat.
I changed the dimensions to 6 feet long, a bit taller and deeper.
I couldn't get 2x4 inch boards so I used 6x1.5 inch mahogany instead and it turned out plenty strong enough.
To give extra strength to the seat and back boards, I used 120mm screws instead of nails, sunk and plugged for a smooth finish.
Photo attached. Thanks again, great plans.

Hello, Last year I built your "Garden Seat". I had not taken on anything this large previously, the plans were concise making the bench a quick build.
I made only one change to the plans, increasing the angle of the backrest from 10 degrees to 15 degrees.
I used scrap lumber,so the only costs were hardware, primer and exterior paint. The bench is rugged and will last a very long time, it also has an anti-theft mechanism built in, as it weights so much. Thank you for the plans.
I've attached a picture for you to take a look at.
    M Holtan

I have now made two of these seats. They were quick to make, instructions were easy to understand and the finished product looks great.
Many thanks
    Melinda Davies

Just built a second bench. I would suggest 4" bolts and not 4 1/2 " bolts. The 4 1/2 in bolts stick out further than they need to.

This is the first project I've undertaken working with plans,i must say im very happy with the result,but credit goes to those plans so easy to understand & exact.
   I.A Williams

Thanks for the great plans, made three of them and modified a little to suit my needs. Made two 6 footers and one 8. added armrests. Recommend changing the plans to a 15 degree cut on (E) to let the backrest lean back a little further. Heres a picture! Thanks

I just wanted to thank you for your great Garden Seat plans. This was my first project I have every done like this and your plans were very easy to follow. I took another builders advice and changed the back angle to 15% but also added my own twist on the seat and back, old snowboards! Thanks for your designs, I will hopefully be building more things soon.
Heres 2 pictures!

I built several of the garden benches for one of our buildings at work and the employees love them.
I put three slats on the back and four on the seat, it seems more comfortable that way to me. I will attach a photo to show the finished project.
Thanks for the free plans and the inexpensive materials list. I couldn't believe that the parts didn't even cost $25 per bench, that was a nice surprise!
Thank you, Doug Dunn (see pic)

Comments and Photos of your handiwork can be sent via the Contact Us page.

Photos and constructive comments are a great help to others contemplating the start of a project.

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