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How to build a kids' 2 in 1 bench & picnic table

Bench or picnic table for the kids

kids' 2 in 1 bench & picnic table

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kids sitting at picnic table

A mighty little bench come picnic table ideal for kids around the three to six year age group (give or take a year or so depending on the size of the kids).

As a bench seat it does not take up a lot of room and will seat a couple of kids quite comfortably.
When activity time comes around (drawing, eating, etc) it can be opened up very easily into a picnic table with two seats (one along each side) able to seat four kids.

The unit is 900 mm (35½") long. When in picnic table mode it is 814 mm (32") wide and 493 mm (19 7⁄16") high to the top of the table and 294 mm (11 9⁄16") to the top of the rear seat.
When in bench mode, the complete unit is only 367 mm (14 7⁄16 ") wide.

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