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How to build a kids' 2 in 1 bench & picnic table

Step 5. Connect the front sections

front and top sections connected

Make up the side frames in mirror image.

Align the bolt holes in piece [a] with the bolt holes in piece [d].

Thread bolts and washers through the holes and add a washer and a nylon locking nuts (or similar) to the end of each bolt.

bolt placed in frame

Note: Each bolt is used as a pivot point for two pieces of wood, therefore the nuts cannot be tightened completely otherwise the wood would not be able to 'pivot' freely.
Because the nuts can only be loosely tightened (just enough to allow the wood to pivot), nylon locking nuts (or similar) are required.
A nylon locking nut is a nut that resists further loosening or tightening under vibration and torque. It has a nylon collar insert.

You will now be able to pivot the front, top, and rear sections. They should easily move from table position to seat position just as shown in the photos.

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