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How to build a kids' 2 in 1 bench & picnic table

Step 7. Fix the seats and tabletop

Fix the seats to the picnic table frame

Fix the longer (front) seat to pieces [g] flush with the front and the outer sides of that piece. Glue and screw the seat in place.

Fix the shorter (rear) seat to pieces [f] flush with the end (of [f]). The seat should fit nicely between pieces [e2].

Do not force the seat in place. If it is too tight, cut a bit off the end.

Turn the unit over in such a position to make it easy to fix the tabletop.

Make the sides of the tabletop flush (even) with the ends of pieces [d] (the tabletop rails).

Ensure the overhang of the tabletop is equal at each end and fix it with glue and screws.

Fix the tabletop to the picnic table frame

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