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How to build a kids' 2 in 1 bench & picnic table

Step 9. Add the front leg stops & the seat braces

Front leg stop

front leg stop

The leg stops [d2] are to stop the legs spreading out and the table from collapsing.

When the unit is in picnic table mode, and the front legs are positioned (spread apart) according to the plans (spread dimensions also given in the plan drawing below), then fix the leg stops [d2] to the ends of the tabletop rails [d] so they are positioned flush with the ends of the tabletop rails [d] and against the front legs [a]. Fix with glue and screws.

picnic table overall spread

The seat braces

Front leg stop

With the rear seat unit upside down and securely resting on a work table or platform of some sort, ensure that the two side seat frames are at right angles to the seat, then fix the two brace pieces [k] to the rear seat board and the rear seat lower rails [i].

Refer to the plans for placement although it is pretty much self explanatory where they go.

Guess what?   Done!

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