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How to build a kids' 2 in 1 bench & picnic table

Step 2. Cut and drill the frame pieces

all the frame pieces to make a folding picnic table

Cut all the frame pieces [a] to [k] according to the dimensions given in the 'individual frame pieces' on page 7.
Cut two of each piece in mirror image (see pictures).

Refer to Step 1. on how to mark and cut the rounds.

The holes

Pieces [a], [d], [e], & [f] (two of each - eight pieces in all) need to have an 8 mm (5⁄16") hole drilled through them.
Refer to Step.1 on how to mark the centers of the hole.

Pieces [e] only need starter holes to house the bolt heads.

Pay special attention to the drawings, plans, and photos, to see what side of the wood the starter holes go on - or just make sure that the two pieces [e] are a mirror image of one another when drilling the starter holes

The drilling procedure for pieces [e]
First drill a 20 mm (¾") starter hole just deep enough to house the bolt heads and then continue through the wood with a 8 mm (5⁄16") hole.

hole drilling detail for picnic table pieces

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