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How to build a 4 seater picnic table

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Abdelaziz's picnic table

Thanks to Build Eazy and the free plans, I have now my own picnic table!   It took me a little less than two workdays and today here it is :D   more »
Abdelaziz Bengaid
Enlarge photo

Donna McCartys picnic table

Thank you for these great plans. I am not a carpenter/woodworker by any means! But these plans were simple to follow and it came together nicely... more »
Donna McCarty
Enlarge photo

Ricks picnic table

Thanks to your web site I have built this picnic table.
Enlarge photo

Soeparwan's picnic table

Thanks to BE for clear and simple guides to make this picnic table. I made it with one of my assistance last Sunday, start from 900 hrs finish at 1600 hrs... more »
Soeparwan, Bandung - Indonesia
Enlarge photo

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