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Combination swing frame & monkey bars

STEP 2. Make the brachiation ladder (monkey bars)

The brachiation ladder (monkey bars). That is the top part consisting of 2 parallel beams [a] with 7 bars at right angles spaced evenly along the beams. Like a ladder.

2.1. Mark where the bars go. Temporary nail or clamp together the two beams [a] and place them on a couple of saw stools for marking the bar [b] positions.
The two end bars begin 4 3/4" (120mm) in from each end and the other five (the intermediate bars) are evenly spaced.

swingset top monkey bar frame

2.2. Once marked, space the two beams [a] apart 18 3/8" (460mm) and drill and bolt the bars [b] to the beams [a] on the marks.
Use galvanized 5/16" (8mm) galvanized coach (carriage) bolts with nuts and washers approximately 5" (125mm) long. Use one bolt at each meeting.
Because the underneath of the bars [b] angle up 15 degrees at each end, the beams will also angle (off plumb) 15 degrees.

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bar and beam

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