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How to make a Spiral Wind-Spinner [Table of contents below]

Step 1.

Use a piece of 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) wood 40" (1m) long to make the spiral Wind-Spinner.

Pencil-mark the top side according to the dimensions given below.

wind-spinner jig with top marked

Then cut along the point-shaped pencil lines, creating a wedge.

Step 2.

Turn the wood on its side. Pencil-mark another point-shape on the face of the wedge, as shown on the drawing below and in the picture on the right.
Then cut that point also.

wind-spinner jig with first wedge cut

Step 3.

Measure along line (a) 1 3/16" (29mm) in from one edge and pencil a line from there to the point, as shown in the drawing below.
In order to cut along the pencil-line using a circular saw with the blade set on a 45° angle, ensure the pencil-line is on the same edge of the wood, as is shown in the drawing and photo.

wind-spinner jig with the chamfers on the point marked

Step 4.

Set the blade at 45° on your circular saw and cut along the pencil-line beginning from the point.
Then cut along line (a) with a handsaw to get rid of the off-cut piece.
Do the same to all four sides.

wind-spinner jig with the chamfers on the point cut

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