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Decorative wheelbarrow planter

wooden garden wheelbarrow
Wooden wheelbarrow project

garden wheelbarrow planter The finished wheelbarrow

A few pots of plants in the wheelbarrow and that's about it.

Notes and tips

The wheel in this project is made up of three layers of wood glued together. Two layers would also suffice. It is just personal taste. A thick wheel or a thin wheel. Obviously three layers will be stronger.

The rounding and shaping of the tray side panels can be changed to suit your taste and artistic flair.

Make the hole in the wheel slightly bigger than the axle. (The axle used in this project is only 225mm (9") long. A piece off an old broom perhaps).

Ensure all the wood is either treated or of a type that has a natural resistance to decay. In other words, do not use anything that might rot.

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If you use a piece of broom handle (or similar) for the axle, chances are it will be susceptible to decay (not treated or not suitable for outside use), therefore the axle will need a preservative of sorts. If you do decide to give the axle a coat or two of preservative, you might as well do the whole wheelbarrow for a longer life.


Apply light coats of boiled linseed oil thinned with mineral turpentine. Both can be purchased from most hardware stores and are inexpensive.