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Decorative wheelbarrow planter

wooden garden wheelbarrow
Your comments/photos

wooden wheelbarrow made by G.A. Miedema Wooden wheelbarow made off a BuildEazy plan by G.A. Miedema See photo »

I had been searching for just such a project and was glad when I discovered your site. One or two things need to be ironed out if this is being made in the UK.
I printed all the details and started work with a couple of small modifications due the available timber size available in the UK.
The Wheel was cut and stuck using what we call "No more nails" - do not use this for this project it don't stick. Use waterproof PVA or evostick and make sure that the garage is warm ( do not try to do this in the winter because the wheel still falls apart after 3 days of being glued and clamped). Eventually the wheel was complete and when cut out was tapered toward one side because the blade in the jigsaw had flexed on the way in. Either drill a pilot hole before starting to cut the wheel out or use a table scroll saw.
All the other bits went together well.
Also pipe saddles are called saddle clips in the UK and you get them from Home base in the plumbing section.
I look forward to my next project.
regards Clive   UK

We made your wheelbarrow. we're not what you call handy people but we were up to the task. Marvelous.
Adam and Eve   Auckland

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