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Decorative wheelbarrow planter

wooden garden wheelbarrow
Wooden wheelbarrow project


How to build a decorative wheelbarrow planter.

Note: The measurements in these plans and instructions are given in both metric (mm) and standard (inches). See 'The measurements' segment below, for more measurement information.

This wheelbarrow is not only ornamental but is also functional and can be wheeled about from place to place.
It is a little over 1200mm (4ft) long, 400mm (16") high, and 400mm (16") wide at the widest point.
All the pieces for the wheelbarrow can be cut from 50mm x 25mm (1" x 2") and 150mm x 25mm (1" x 6") boards.
It does not matter whether the wood you use is sawn (rough) or dressed (smooth), as long as it is suitable for outside use.

A garden wheelbarrow planter

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The measurements

The measurements throughout this project are given in both metric (mm) and standard (inches).
The metric measurements are given first followed by the standard measurements in brackets ( ).
For example: 150mm x 25mm (1" x 6").

Some more measurement notes

Most Countries that use the metric system generally call the bigger numeral first, example: 150mm x 25mm (150 millimetres by 25 millimetres). Most Countries that use the imperial system generally call the smaller numeral first, example: 2" x 6" (2 inches by 6 inches).

For rounding-off purposes, the metric sizes in this project are not an exact match to the equivalent imperial sizes.
A structure built using the metric measurements will be approximately 1.6% smaller than the same structure using the imperial (ft and in) measurements. Not really worth worrying about.