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How to make a Sliding Gate
do-it-yourself wooden sliding driveway gate
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

Sliding Driveway Gate Project
bullet Page one: Introduction
bullet Page two: The gate plan, wheels and the latch design
bullet Page three: Preparing the grade for the track
bullet Page four: Installing the track and measuring the gate height
bullet Page five: Making the gate
arrow Page six: Installing the gate and end stop
bullet Page seven: Fitting the Latch and guide rollers
bullet Page eight: Updates      User Photos/Comments/Help
See how the gate works
see the video of how the sliding gate works

installing a sliding gate Installing the gate and making the end stop

Putting the gate in was no problem, simply a matter of standing it up with the wheels over the track.

Stopping the gate

I wanted something that would be able to stop the gate without too much of a jolt should somebody push open the gate with an almighty force.
I thought that I would put a post at the end of the track, with three springs to cushion the blow of a swiftly opened gate - after all, it was a relatively heavy gate.

I acquired three springs that I thought would do the trick and then drilled three holes in the post the same diameter as the springs.
I drilled the holes 2" (50mm) deep in a 4"x4" (100mm x 100mm) post.
To hold the springs in, I hammered a nail through the side of the post into the bottom of each spring.

how to make the stop for the sliding gate
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