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How to make a Sliding Gate
do-it-yourself wooden sliding driveway gate
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

Sliding Driveway Gate Project
bullet Page one: Introduction
bullet Page two: The gate plan, wheels and the latch design
bullet Page three: Preparing the grade for the track
bullet Page four: Installing the track and measuring the gate height
bullet Page five: Making the gate
bullet Page six: Installing the gate and end stop
arrow Page seven: Fitting the Latch and guide rollers
bullet Page eight: Updates      User Photos/Comments/Help
See how the gate works
see the video of how the sliding gate works

sliding gate roller guide The guide rollers

Because of the width of the gate, I couldn't find a suitable roller guide so I had to make my own.
However, I could get the rollers from a gate manufacturer and I obtained a couple of galvanized 'L' brackets from the hardware store. I then had the components.
I bolted and welded the two 'L' brackets together, drilled a couple of holes to take the rollers, positioned the unit over the gate and bolted it to the post.

The latch

The latch was a different kettle of fish. I couldn't find anything that suited so I had to design my own and have an engineer make it for me.
I wanted something that would work easily, lock the gate to prevent lifting and be very strong.
You can see the design here and some photos below.

That's it!   Done!   Finished!   Updates will be posted on the next page.

sliding gate latch connection

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