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How to make a Sliding Gate
do-it-yourself wooden sliding driveway gate
woodworking projects from the do-it-yourself carpentery workshop

Sliding Driveway Gate Project
bullet Page one: Introduction
bullet Page two: The gate plan, wheels and the latch design
bullet Page three: Preparing the grade for the track
bullet Page four: Installing the track and measuring the gate height
bullet Page five: Making the gate
bullet Page six: Installing the gate and end stop
bullet Page seven: Fitting the Latch and guide rollers
arrow Page eight: Updates      User Photos/Comments/Help
See how the gate works
see the video of how the sliding gate works


Because the sliding gate is made solely out of wood, we want to see how it stands the test of time. Periodically, an update report will be posted on this page.

10 weeks on 1st November 2009

10 weeks on - the gate has been getting plenty of use and I am extremely pleased with it. It is well balanced, slides with ease and there is not a hint of any movement in the wood.
Having said that it is still early days and although the gate has had plenty of use, it has not yet had to put up with extreme temperatures but things are looking pretty good at this stage.
I will give another report in a couple of months and we'll see then how it's going.

Over a year down the track September 2010

The gate has been up and running for over a year and deserves a pass.
This will be the last update report, as the gate has been through all seasons, endured storms, all weather conditions and temperatures, and probably had above average usage as there have been five vehicles housed behind the gate coming and going all times.
The gate is every bit as good as the day it was put up.
I guess it could be put down to the design and a good covering of sealant/paint to keep the water out.
To see a short video clip of the gate working after being up for over a year, click here

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Editor: Maree Anderson

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