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Garden Bridge Project

garden wooden bridge
How to build an Arched Garden Bridge
Page Contents
1: Introduction, navigation & wood sizes
2: The plans, parts and materials list
3: Making the laminated arch beam
4: Cutting the laminated arch boards you are on this page
5: Assembling the bridge frame
6: Adding the decking and the handrail
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Cutting the laminated arch boards

arched handrail for the garden bridge Step 3. Making the laminated handrail arch

Use the same template for the handrail arch as the beam arch (see picture).

Make the laminated handrail arch on top of the beam arch (which is still lying in place until the glue has dried) in the same way as the laminated arch beam was made, but use only two 90mm x 19mm x 2700mm (3/4" x 3 1/2" x 9ft) boards rather than four.

Be careful not to glue the handrail arch to the beam arch.

making the bridge arches Step 4. Cutting the laminated arch boards

Using a power saw, cut the laminated arch boards in half. Rip (cut) along the length of both the beam and the handrail (see picture). This will give you two laminated arch beams and two laminated arch handrail frames.

Trim the ends of the arch beams to the dimensions shown in the plan.