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Garden Bridge Project

garden wooden bridge
How to build an Arched Garden Bridge
Page Contents
1: Introduction, navigation & wood sizes
2: The plans, parts and materials list
3: Making the laminated arch beam
4: Cutting the laminated arch boards
5: Assembling the bridge frame
6: Adding the decking and the handrail you are on this page
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Adding the decking and the handrail

laying the deck boards on a garden bridge Step 7. The decking and handrail

Nail the decking boards 90mm x 45mm x 680mm long (1 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 27" long) onto the arch beams with 100mm (4") flathead galvanized nails. Begin at each end and work towards the middle. The final piece will have to be cut to fit and the deck boards will need to be checked (cut, rebated) around the handrail uprights.

Trim the ends of the handrail arch frames (at right angles to the end of the arch beam) and bend and fix two handrail capping boards 90mm x 19mm x 3000mm long (3/4" x 3 1/2" x 10ft long) to the top of the handrail arch frames. Secure with glue and m10 (3/8") coach bolts and washers, 4 each side. Countersink the head of the bolts into the capping board.

arched garden bridge Eazy az.   The finished bridge

Notes and tips
The 90mm x 19mm (3/4" x 3 1/2") boards used for making the arches must be premium and knot free. If there are any deformities in the boards, then they may snap when bending pressure is applied.

Use an exterior type glue.

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User Photos/Comments about this project

Ref Garden Bridge Instructions - Thanks. Bridge came out great. Your instructions were complete, easy to read, and concise. I was even surprised at the results. Dan

This project answered many of my questions regarding an arched bridge. A nice looking bridge. CJ