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Chicken Coop Project

chicken coop

How to build a Chicken Coop

Author: Les Kenny
Page Contents
1: Preface & About the chicken coop
2: Wood sizes and measurements
3: The materials list you are on this page
4: The flat plan
5: The front elevation plan
6: The side elevation plan
7: The nesting boxes and storage area plans
8: Making the floor and the wall frames
9: Making the nests and the roof frame
10: Fixing the wall cladding (siding)
11: Fixing the roof boards and battens
12: Door, hatchway, and windows
13: The perch, the mesh and ventilation
14: Photos - other peoples handiwork
15: User Photos/Comments

Materials list

Excludes hardware and any feeder or water supply materials.

4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) Suitable for exterior use Skids 2 pieces at 72" (1800mm)
2" x 4" (100mm x 50mm) Suitable for exterior use Floor Joists and boundary joists 36 lineal ft (11 lineal metres)
4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm) Corner studs 4 pieces at 72" (1800mm
2" x 4" (100mm x 50mm) All framing walls and roof frame 150 lineal ft (45 lineal metres)
2" x 3" (75mm x 50mm) Perch and perch support 8 lineal ft (2.5 lineal metres)
2" x 2" (50mm x 50mm) Nesting perch 40" (1 lineal metre)
4' x 8' (1200mm x 2400mm) plywood sheets 3/4" (18mm) thick suitable for exterior use Flooring, wall cladding and parts of nesting boxes 7 sheets
1" x 4" (100mm x 25mm) suitable for exterior use Cladding battens, door stop and part of nesting boxes 120 lineal ft (36 lineal metres)
1" x 12" (300mm x 25mm) suitable for exterior use Part of nesting boxes 9 lineal ft (2.6 lineal metres)
1" x 6" (150mm x 25mm) suitable for exterior use Roofing boards and litter board 200 lineal ft (59 lineal metres)
Tar paper, breather type building paper or similar roofing underlay. Under roofing boards 40 sq ft (7.5 sq metres)

You will also need an assortment of hardware including nails, hinges, door latches, door bolts, window catches, glass or acrylic sheet (plastic glass) for use as window panes, galvanized flashings for openings where required as well as for roof ridge cap, and mesh/wire cloth/chicken wire for any permanent openings or air vents.