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  1. I have been a fan of your site for a few years, but have no woodworking experience. Two years ago we purchased a farm.
    My first project was a work bench, although I didn’t use any specific plans, I did use skills I read about on your site.
    When we acquired two chickens it was time to put my limited skills to use!
    This chicken coop is my first big project. I made it 4′ x 4′ x 4′ and insulated it for a Canadian winter. It didn’t need a roof, being in our barn, but I wanted to build one anyway.
    The picture shows the coop before it is insulated and outer plywood put on. It often reaches -15 C even inside the barn

  2. Thanks for great plans. We and the chickens love their coop (made a few changes to suit us)
    Melva & David Brady

  3. Hi,
    I used your free plans to build this chicken coop. Although I have NO experience it came together without too many glitches. I did change the inside a little but for the most part, I did what your plans suggested.
    I would recommend these plans to anyone with little or no building experience.
    Just wanted to share some pics.
    Thanks a million.

  4. Hello,
    I just finished a chicken coop based off your plans. Your site was a lot of help with Ideas. Thanks

    I did make many changes most of them are cosmetic to match the house, the biggest change is I framed it like you would a house and used pier pads for the foundation. This made it much easier to insulate and sheet the inside walls.

    I would say with all the labor that went into this project if I was to do it again I would make it 8’x 8′. It wouldn’t take much more in labor but it would increase your material cost.

    I call it an architectural out building sounds better when I look at the material and labor cost. LOL
    Thanks again I hope you enjoy the pic’s ED

  5. Hi, Just wanted to say thanks to you. Through your website I got the inspiration to build my own hen house. It was a lot cheaper than commercially available ones and was specific to my needs. I now have four hens and they laid their first egg today. Great. Thanks,

  6. Great plans. Built your coop with some modifications. Made it 6’x8′ to accommodate larger flock. Had a sloping site so we poured cement pillars. Increased the overhang all around to match overhang on our house and provide additional shelter. Got a couple small windows off craigslist and made one windw of our own. Installed an old barn door we had in the garage. Looks great with its rusty old hinges. Because we live in Massachusetts we put the nesting boxes inside the coop to keep them a bit warmer. Also made the nesting boxes 9″ high to discourage eating of, and soiling of, the eggs (read somewhere that it helps). Made the chicken door guillotine style with a pulley system so that we can open and close it without going into the house or the yard. Have a roosting rack that folds up with a removable board below it to shunt droppings to a cleanout door, which is at wheelbarrow height for collecting discarded shavings. Took about 4 good weekends all told with fencing in the yard. The family pitched in which made it more fun. Cost about $900. Chicks move in soon.
    Tim Mangini

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