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Chicken Coop Project

chicken coop

How to build a Chicken Coop

Author: Les Kenny
Page Contents
1: Preface & About the chicken coop
2: Wood sizes and measurements
3: The materials list
4: The flat plan
5: The front elevation plan
6: The side elevation plan
7: The nesting boxes and storage area plans you are on this page
8: Making the floor and the wall frames
9: Making the nests and the roof frame
10: Fixing the wall cladding (siding)
11: Fixing the roof boards and battens
12: Door, hatchway, and windows
13: The perch, the mesh and ventilation
14: Photos - other peoples handiwork
15: User Photos/Comments

The nesting boxes and storage area plans

The front and internal partitions in the nesting boxes/storage area combination are of 1" x 12" (300mm x 25mm) boards. The sides, the bottom, the nesting boxes' lid and storage area door are 3/4" (18mm plywood). The storage area door is not shown in this plan.

There is a gap or cavity between the internal partitions separating the nesting boxes from the storage area. This allows for two separate exterior lids: one above the nesting boxes and one above the storage area. Make the lids larger than the area they are to cover, so they overhang at the sides and at the bottom. They can then be hinged to the 1" x 4" (100mm x 25mm) piece of wood that runs along the top of the unit.
chicken coop nesting box plans