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Playhouse Project

kids play cottage
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How to build a Kids Play Cottage
Page Contents
1: Introduction, measurements, wood sizes
2: Material requirements
3: Plans - walls and panels
4: Plans - floor and door  you are on this page
5: Cutting the panels, making the floor
6: Making the walls
7: Adding battens, window/door openings

8:  Levelling the floor, standing the walls
9:  Making the roof
10: Fitting the ridge capping
11: Fitting the valley boards
12: Making the door
13: Fitting the door
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To view all available plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

The Plans (continued)

Floor frame and floor (drawing f)
playhouse floor plan
Corner detail (drawing g)
playhouse corner detail plan

playhouse door plan The door (drawing h, i)
NOTE: Use the plywood off-cut from the door opening in the wall to make the door. Re-trim the edges of the plywood off-cut so that it is at least 10mm (3/8") smaller than the door opening all the way around.

Nail 150mm (6") long metal straps (or similar type fasteners) to the top and bottom of the door (4 pieces in all) securing the top and bottom horizontal members to the side vertical members.
Also ensure that there is at least a 10mm (3/8") gap between the wall battens around the door opening and the finished door. (See drawing i)