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Playhouse Project

kids play cottage
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How to build a Kids Play Cottage
Page Contents
1: Introduction, measurements, wood sizes
2: Material requirements
3: Plans - walls and panels
4: Plans - floor and door
5: Cutting the panels, making the floor
6: Making the walls
7: Adding battens, window/door openings

8:  Levelling the floor, standing the walls
9:  Making the roof
10: Fitting the ridge capping
11: Fitting the valley boards  you are on this page
12: Making the door
13: Fitting the door
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To view all available plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

Step 16. Fitting the valley boards

Make up the four valley boards out of 50mm x 25mm (1" x 2") stock slightly longer than the valley, as the ends can be cut off later. Cut two bevels along each valley board as shown in the illustration below.

This is best done on a bench saw with the blade tilted 30 degrees. With a certain amount of skill, it can also be done with a circular power saw by holding the member in a vice type workbench.

The top of the valley board will need marking and cutting to fit snuggly into the corners of the ridge capping. This may need a bit of trial and error.

Step 17. Trimming the ends of the ridge and valley boards

With a sharp handsaw cut off the ends of the ridge capping and the valley boards so they are flush (even) with the plywood roof panels.