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Playhouse Project

kids play cottage
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How to build a Kids Play Cottage
Page Contents
1: Introduction, measurements, wood sizes
2: Material requirements
3: Plans - walls and panels
4: Plans - floor and door
5: Cutting the panels, making the floor
6: Making the walls
7: Adding battens, window/door openings

8:  Levelling the floor, standing the walls
9:  Making the roof
10: Fitting the ridge capping
11: Fitting the valley boards
12: Making the door
13: Fitting the door  you are on this page
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To view all available plans in downloadable pdf file click here.

Step 20. Hanging the door

Hold the door in place with packers or wedges (ensuring an even gap all around) and add the hinges.

Lastly, add a door handle of sorts and there's the door!

Step 21. The finishing touches

Get the kids involved with the finishing touches.

This step is only limited by your (or their!) imagination.

Add a fence of sorts, a planter box or a few paving stones, maybe even a paint job.

This is the time to stamp your individuality onto the project.

Have fun!

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