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Building a Doghouse

dog house
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How to build a doghouse
Page Contents
1: Introduction and about treated timber
2: Identifying the parts and the materials list
3: The plans and building instructions  you are on this page
4: Building instructions continued
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This is the metric version There is a more current version of this plan which includes ft and inch measurements. The see Click here

Step one

Pre-cut all the timber skids, flooring, plates, studs and rafters to the lengths as stated in the cutting list on the previous page and cut the plywood wall panels to the pattern as shown on the plywood sheet drawing below.
cutting listpanel cutting list

Step two

Fix the 8 150mm x 19mm 780mm long floorboards (# 2) to the three under floor skids (# 1) with 50mm flathead Galvanized nails. Ensure the finished floor dimensions are 780mm x 1200mm. The three under floor skids should be evenly spaced with two each side and one in the middle.