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hexagonal picnic table
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How to build an Hexagonal Table with Seating

This is the imperial (ft and inch) version. Click here for the metric (mm) version.

equilateral triangle An equilateral triangle

An equilateral triangle has three equal sides, and three equal angles, always 60°.

So, armed with the above information, position the first board.
The first seat board is 50 3/4" long. Therefore each end of the board should be 50 3/4" from the axis (center of the frame). Also, each end of the board should be aligned to the middle of a spoke.
When you have achieved that, you have created an equilateral triangle, and the spread of the spokes will be 60°.
Partially whack a nail in both ends of the first board, just to hold it in place for the time being.

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Step 6: Fix the rest of the seat boards

Position the other five 50 3/4" long boards to complete the first round.
Ensure the boards are the same distance from the center and all joins are in the middle of the spokes, and then drill and nail them securely in place.
You can now fix metal strap to the top side of the spokes at the junction over the center of the frame.
Now begin the next round of seat boards. Place one (44 1/16" long) in position just to check that it is the correct length. If so, cut the other five, position them in place around the frame, and then drill and nail them to the spokes.