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hexagonal picnic table
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How to build an Hexagonal Table with Seating

This is the imperial (ft and inch) version. Click here for the metric (mm) version.

place an umbrella in the hexagonal table Step 12: Drop in the umbrella and enjoy!

Kick out the spacer blocks.
Well, that's pretty much done apart from the umbrella, and of course it is still upside down.
"Mmmmmmmmm. What will we do?"
"I know.... We'll turn it up the right way."
"Good thinking. There! Now let's move it over there."
"No. Move it a bit that way."
"No. This way."
"I've got all the weight."
"Owwww, my foot."
"If you do more lifting and less moaning, maybe we'll get it in place sometime this year."

Anyway, once in position, pop the umbrella into the hole in the tabletop.
Then position a piece of board against the pole underneath the table and nail it to the lower frame spokes.
Allow a little bit of play. If the board is too hard against the umbrella pole, you will never get the umbrella out.


If you decide to have a go at this project, we'd love to get your comments and photos of your handiwork.

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