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hexagonal picnic table
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Bills hexagonal picnic table

Bill Kelly

Here is a picture of the tables I referenced in my comments on your web site.
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three hexagonal picnic tables

Mike G

Attached you will find two photos of the 4 hexagon picnic tables we built for my son's Eagle project. It took me about a week to cut and stain the wood and then one day (with a lot of help) to put them together.
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hexagonal picnic table

Name not supplied

Enclosed is a photo of my table using your plans with a few modifications. Thanks for the help to build a lifetime of enjoyment.

Photos and comments sent in are a great help to other DIYers that may be contemplating the start of a project.
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Adams hexagonal picnic table

from Adam R.

It took me a whole year to make my hexagon picnic table. I needed the proper tools, time,and the weather here has been rain,rain,and rain.
I covered it up for the winter then restarted working back on it beginning of spring.
I messed up a couple of times on several different spots. This project wasn't as easy as it looks to make. I followed the instructions i saw on your website. Everything worked out just fine.
I sanded off all the boards,hosed off the whole table with an air hose to rid of the dust, and finally I used water proofer with honey gold stain mixed in for the finishing touch.
I think it looks alright. My neighbor still doesn't believe I made this all by myself,but I did.
ty for the instructions guys! Of course adding an umbrella makes it look even more slick.
Northern Ohio,

Charles Hexagonal Picnic table

from Charles Medlin

I built this table back in July for my wife's birthday, she was extremely happy as this is a plan she picked out for me to build for her.
I worked on this project off and on for three days, I have a large stack of treated lumber but only had 2x8's so i ripped each and every board to the 2x4's needed for the spokes and the 2x6's needed for the seat and top boards. I chose to use 2x6's for the legs because of the weight factor and to maximize the life span of the table. more >>

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