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A Basic Planter Box
a basic planter box
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How to make a basic planter box
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make the saw cuts for the rabbet joint Cut the members and rebate the ends

Cut the four planter box sides from 150mm x 50mm (2"x6") lumber.

Make two pieces 600mm (24") long and two at 350mm (14") long.

Mark where the rebates are to go at both ends of the two side pieces.

chisel out the rebates for the rabbet joint Set the blade on an adjustable circular saw to the required depth (about 2/3 of the thickness of the lumber).

Make repeated saw cuts over the area to be rebated. The more saw cuts, the easier the rebate will be to clean out. (See picture).

Finish cleaning out with a sharp chisel.

nail the sides of the planter box together Nail the sides together

Nail the sides together as shown in the diagram below.
nail detail for planter box

a simple wood planter box Position the planter box

All done!

Fix the planter box to whatever structure it is intended for.

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