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A Basic Planter Box
a basic planter box
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How to make a basic planter box
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Introduction - plans - instructions
This most basic planter box is really just an oblong with four sides fixed together to hold in the soil.
The planter does not have a bottom. It is designed to sit on the ground and be fixed to a structure such as a fence or an arbor.
The sides are of 150mm x 50mm (2"x6") lumber.
The size (footprint, area) is 600mm (24") x 350mm (14").
The corner joints are rabbet joints (see below). This enables each corner to be nailed from two sides, thus achieving more holding strength than could be realized from a standard butt joint.

the wood pieces of a simple planter box

[a] Planter end pieces. 150mm x 50mm (2"x6") lumber. Two pieces approximately 350mm (14") long, however you can make the planter as wide as you like.
[b] Planter side pieces. 150mm x 50mm (2"x6") lumber. Two pieces 600mm (24") long. Rebate the ends, see next page for instructions.

This joint can be nailed through two sides making a claw-like grip and 'locking' the two pieces together. Even though this planter takes very little weight, over time weather alone can make wood bend or warp and play havoc on joints unless a little bit of thought goes into them.

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