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7'x8' Shed Plans
board and batten shed
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How to build a 2100mm x 2400mm (7ft x 8 ft)
Board-and-batten Shed

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Below is a drawing identifying most parts of the shed. There is a parts description below the drawing and also individual member lengths are given in the Parts List on Page 1.
shed parts and members

[a] Skid
[b] Joist
[c] End Joist
[e] Floor
[f] Bottom Plate
[g] Top Plate
[h] Stud
[i] Trimmer
[k] Blocking
[l] Raking Top Plate
[m] Raking Header
[n] Ridge Blocking
[o] Brace Blocking
[p] Metal Strap
[z] Rafter

[z1] Collar Tie
[q] Building Wrap / Builders Felt
[r] Vertical Board
[s] Vertical Batten
[t] Trim
[u] Roof Sheathing
[v] Roof Board
[w] Ridge Flashing
[x] Rake Board (Rake Board)
[y] Rake Cap
[d1] Slat
[d2] Brace
[d3] Astragal
[d4] Stop
[d5] Hinge

bulletPage 1:   Introduction - Parts List
bulletPage 2:   Plans, Layout
bulletPage 3:   Plans, Front and Roof
bulletPage 4:   Plans, Rear and sides
bulletPage 5:   Plans, Identifying the Members
bulletPage 6:   Instructions
bulletPage 7:   Instructions continued
bulletPage 8:   The Door
bulletPage 9:   Nailing and Fastening Information
bulletPage 10:   Shopping List and Glossary

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