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DIYers Photos and Articles

This page is dedicated to the DIYers that have completed a buildeazy project and have sent us a picture of the finished product accompanied by a story or comment .
We welcome all photos and/or articles regarding projects from the Buildeazy site. Please send any submissions via the contact us page

Re Chicken Coop Project

chicken coop before insulation and outside plywood

chicken coop before insulation and outside plywood - distant view

I have been a fan of your site for a few years, but have no woodworking experience. Two years ago we purchased a farm.
My first project was a work bench, although I didn't use any specific plans, I did use skills I read about on your site.
When we acquired two chickens it was time to put my limited skills to use!
This chicken coop is my first big project. I made it 4' x 4' x 4' and insulated it for a Canadian winter. It didn't need a roof, being in our barn, but I wanted to build one anyway.
The picture shows the coop before it is insulated and outer plywood put on. It often reaches -15 C even inside the barn

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