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Photos and Comments regarding the Doghouse Project.

doghouse for two large dogs

Here is how we modified the Build Eazy dog house to accommodate our very large dogs (2).
First we needed the dog house to be much bigger and have an opening large enough for our greyhounds to get in without having to crawl or bend. They don't do that.
Their legs are like stilts with no give. We used a packing skid (found at a hardware store for nothing) as the base and filled it with cedar chips to keep the bottom of the house warm.
We wanted the house to match our custom fence so battens were added to the side and the roof got a cedar shake roof. Because it is so big, I suggested to the hubby to add a window. So I went to the local antique mall and found a photograph framed in this oval frame.
The frame was then used as a window after it was painted and inserted into the premeasured hole. I also added our dogs names "Lola and Finch".
We also added faux stone to the "foundation" to match our retaining walls and then painted the whole thing to match our custom fence.
It is fabulous. Both dogs can get in and are safe and warm.
Petree Eastman