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Photos and Comments regarding the hexagonal picnic table project.

Dans hexagonal picnic table

Hi there.
Attached find pic of my hexagonal picnic table, made per your instructions. Could not be happier. Rock Solid, comfortable.
I don't remember if it said this in the instructions, but if it doesn't, you should remind all the dum-dums (e.g., ME) to buy GALVANIZED nails/screws. Genius McGee over here bought the indoor kind and, sure enough, they are rusting already. Hopefully, when I sand and stain/seal it, it will help keep the rusting to a minimum.
One other thing I would recommend is changing the length of the carriage bolts suggested. 4-1/2 inch long bolts leaves a lot of excess threading, which people could snag their thighs on getting up.
I will definitely be coming to your site in the future.
Great design, love the table! Thanks guys!
Dan Wiley