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Entry Arbor Project

an entry arbor
How to build an Entry Arbor
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1: Introduction
2: The plans and lumber requirements
3: Building instructions you are on this page
4: Building instructions continued
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Page 3: Building instructions

place and cut the arbor posts and beams 1.) The arbor posts

Dig four holes 14" (350mm) square by 24" (600mm) deep.
Position the holes as shown in the arbor plan. Concrete the posts in place and wait until the concrete cures (usually the next day) before cutting the tops of the posts to the required height.

For a detailed description of how to position the posts, mix and pour the concrete, and cut the top of the posts (including the rebate), go to, and although it is for a different arbour, the method is the same.

2.) Cut and trench the arbor beams

Mark and trench (checkout, rebate) the two beams. The dimensions are shown in the Arbor plan page.

This can be achieved by setting the blade on a circular saw to the required depth and making repeated saw cuts across the beam where the trench is to go. Finish by chiseling out the grooves with a sharp chisel. The more saw cuts, the easier the chiseling.

3.) Position the arbor beams

Bolt the beams to the top of the posts with 12mm (1/2") galvanized coach/carriage bolts. Use two bolts at each meeting, eight in all. (See picture.)