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Entry Arbor Project

an entry arbor
How to build an Entry Arbor
Page Contents
1: Introduction
2: The plans and lumber requirements
3: Building instructions
4: Building instructions continued you are on this page
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Page 4: Building instructions continued

the arbor rafters rebated and fixed in place 4.) Cut and trench the arbor rafters

Cut the five rafters to length (see the arbor plan for dimensions) and then clamp them altogether.
Next trench (checkout, rebate) the rafters in the same manner as the beams were trenched in step 2.

5.) Position the arbor rafters

Position the rafters in place on top of the beams. (See the arbor plan for dimensions). The rafters can be fixed in place with 4" (100mm) (galvanized nails through the top of the rafters into the beams.


That's it. Enjoy!

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