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How to build a Kids Play Cottage


Wood sizes (continued)

Below is a table giving the approximate size difference between rough and smooth lumber. For this project we used rough - you can use either.

lumber measurements in inches lumber measurements in millimeters

Floor boards and battens
The floorboards and the battens around the top of the walls are of 100mm x 25mm (1" x 4") stock.
All the vertical wall battens are of 50mm x 25mm (1" x 2") stock.
In this project, we rip (cut lengthwise) 100mm x 25mm (1" x 4") stock down the middle to obtain the 50mm x 25mm (1" x 2") required for the vertical battens.

Material requirements

Lumber and plywood sheets

• 6 shts of 2400mm x 1200mm (4' x 8') plywood, 9mm (3/8") thick, exterior grade, for the walls/roof.
• 9.6m (32ft) of 100mm x 50mm (2" x 4") lumber for floor frame
• 63m (210ft) of 100mm x 25mm (1" x 4") boards for floorboards and battens


• 12 metal straps (or similar type fasteners) 150mm (6") long for the door and roof beams.
• 200 only 32mm (1 1/4) wood screws
• 0.5 kg ( 1 lb) of 90mm (3 1/2") galvanized flathead nails
• 0.5 kg ( 1 lb) of 30mm (1 1/4") galvanized flathead nails
• 40 of 40mm (1 1/2") small nails to fix window beading to battens
• 1 only door handle
• 2 only 150mm (6") Tee-hinge and screws
• 1 piece of 900mm x 450mm (18" x 36") acrylic sheet (plastic glass) to cut into three pieces for the window panes
• Glue, sealant as needed

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