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dogs house
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How to build a doghouse     By Les Kenny


Step one
Cut all the pieces according to the cutting list on page 2 and cut the plywood wall panels to the shapes and dimensions as shown in the plans on the previous page.

Step two
Fix the 8 floorboards (#2) to the three under floor skids (#1) with 3" (75mm) galvanized nails. Ensure the finished floor dimensions are 31-1/4" x 48" (780mm x 1200mm). The three under floor skids should be evenly spaced with two each side and one in the middle. Go to the plans on the previous page for reference.

Step three
Nail the front and rear frames comprising of top and bottom plates (#3) and studs (#4) together. Overall frame dimensions of both front and rear frame should be 18" (450mm) high and 31-1/4" (780mm) wide. Ensure the placement of the intermediate studs allow a gap of 12" (300mm) for the doorway. See diagrams for reference. Stand and fix the front and rear frames in place at each end of the floor.

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Step four
Fix the 2 sidewall top plates (#5) in place.

Step five
Fix the wall panels (#6, #8) to the frames using 2" (50mm) galvanized flathead nails.
doghouse side walls doghouse side walls and rafters Dog house

Step six
Fix the rafters (#7) in place.

Step seven
Fix the 10 roofing boards (#9) (5 each side) to the rafters beginning with the lowest board. The roof boards are 60" (1500mm) long and the House is 48" (1200mm) long, therefore the roof boards should overhang each end of the House by 6" (150mm). The first roofing board should overhang the sidewalls by 1" (25mm) to 2" (50mm). Fix the rest of the roofing boards in place checking that all overlaps are even.
Finally, cut out the portion of the bottom plate (#3) that is in the doorway.

All done.