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hexagonal picnic table
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How to build an Hexagonal Table with Seating

This is the imperial (ft and inch) version. Click here for the metric (mm) version.

hexagonal table dimensions Introduction

This is a revised version of our Hexagonal BBQ picnic table project taking user feedback concerns and comments into consideration.
This project has been completely re-built and re-written.
The basic design of the table has been kept pretty much the same as the original, as it has proven to be a very good and robust design.
User concerns regarding the original version have been mainly to do with the prose rather than the design, citing unclear angle information, certain hard to understand segments, and lack of explanatory detail as being the main culprits.
Hopefully all those concerns have been addressed in this version.
Other changes (from the original plan) include using 2"x6" wood instead of 2"x4" for the legs, and adding an allowance for an umbrella, albeit off center.

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This table basically comprises of two hexagonal frames, an upper frame and a lower frame. The upper frame being for the table and the lower frame being for the seating.
Each frame consists of six spokes, or arms, spreading out evenly from the middle (axis), therefore each frame has six sections.
Each section forms an equilateral triangle.
Tabletop boards and seat boards are fixed to the upper and lower frames respectively.
The upper and lower frames can be made up independently of each other on a flat surface.
Once the frames (upper and lower) are made, the table can easily be assembled by laying the upper frame (table top) upside-down on an even surface, propping the lower frame (also upside-down) above it, and then by bolting the six legs to the spokes of both frames.
The frames are made out of 1 1/2" x 3 1/2" wood. The tabletop boards, seat boards and the legs are made out of 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" wood