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Making Driveway Gates
double driveway gates
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How to make a pair of lumber driveway gates page:   three
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Lumber
bullet Page two: Marking, cutting and trenching the members
arrow Page three: Constructing the bottom T&G panel
bullet Page four: Constructing the top lattice panel
bullet Page five: Adding additional strengthening
bullet Page six: Gate installation
bullet Page seven: Gate hardware
bullet Page eight: Under-gate extension (part 1)
bullet Page nine: Under-gate extension (part 2)
bullet Under gate extension VIDEO

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Constructing the bottom T&G (tongue and groove) panel

lay all the gate members in place
Laying the members in place

Once cut and trenched, the gate members were laid out in place to ensure that all pieces fitted and the dimensions were as shown in the plans

The members were laid out on top of a makeshift frame simply because there was not a large working table or platform available.

Clamp the side stiles to the middle rail
Securing the middle rail

The three rails were removed.

Glue was applied to both ends of the middle rail and then the middle rail was re-placed back into position.

The two side stiles were firmly clamped against the middle rail.

The middle rail was then nailed to the side stiles by way of angling (toe-nailing) nails through the edges of the middle rail into the style, four altogether per gate: one at each corner.

Glue and insert the bottom gate panel
Inserting the tongue and grove boards

The T&G (tongue and groove) boards were applied with dabs of glue along the edges and then inserted into the trenches (grooves).

All the T&G boards except the first and last were cut over length.

A packer was placed under the ends of the boards to stop them from sagging.

The two stiles were constantly checked to ensure that they remained parallel.

Mark the curve in the bottom panel of the gate
Marking the bottom cut line

The bottom rail was placed on top of the T&G boards in position so the curve line could be marked on the T&G boards.

Another line was marked 15mm (5/8") down from and parallel to the first line.

The portion between the two lines was the amount that was to go into the trench (grove) in the bottom rail.

cut the curve in the bottom of the gate lower panel
Cutting the T&G boards

The bottoms of the T&G boards were then cut along the bottom line.

Completing the lower panel

Glue was applied to the bottom ends of the T&G boards and to the ends of the bottom rail.

clamp the gate side stiles to the bottom rail The bottom rail was fitted in place in between the two stiles and with the channel over the bottom ends of the T&G boards.

The two side stiles were then firmly clamped against the bottom rail.

The bottom rail was then nailed to the side stiles by way of angling (toe-nailing) nails through the bottom edge of the bottom rail into the style, two altogether per gate: one at each end.

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