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Making Driveway Gates
double driveway gates
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How to make a pair of lumber driveway gates page:   five
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Lumber
bullet Page two: Marking, cutting and trenching the members
bullet Page three: Constructing the bottom T&G panel
bullet Page four: Constructing the top lattice panel
arrow Page five: Adding additional strengthening
bullet Page six: Gate installation
bullet Page seven: Gate hardware
bullet Page eight: Under-gate extension (part 1)
bullet Page nine: Under-gate extension (part 2)
bullet Under gate extension VIDEO

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Adding additional strengthening

fix a nail plate to the gates middle rail and the stile Adding galvanized metal plate

Outside gates can take a fair bit of punishment so you can never make them too strong.

A few galvanized metal plates/straps over the joins won't spoil the look one bit if the gates are to be painted.

Galvanized metal plates were fixed over each middle rail and stile meeting, eight altogether: four on each gate.

fix metal strap the the rails and ends of the stiles
Adding galvanized metal strap

Galvanized metal straps were fixed over the ends and edges of each top/bottom rail and stile where they met. There were eight altogether: four on each gate.

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