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Making Driveway Gates
double driveway gates
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How to make a pair of lumber driveway gates page:   six
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Lumber
bullet Page two: Marking, cutting and trenching the members
bullet Page three: Constructing the bottom T&G panel
bullet Page four: Constructing the top lattice panel
bullet Page five: Adding additional strengthening
arrow Page six: Gate installation
bullet Page seven: Gate hardware
bullet Page eight: Under-gate extension (part 1)
bullet Page nine: Under-gate extension (part 2)
bullet Under gate extension VIDEO

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Gate installation

lay the pair of gates on even ground
Aligning the gates

The two gates were laid on the ground on top of packers and positioned in alignment with one another.

There was a 12mm (1/2") gap between the two gates.

clamp a piece of lumber to the gates to hold them firmly in place
Making the pair of gates steadfast

Two pieces of 100x50 (4x2) were placed on top of the gates: one running along the top and one running along the bottom.

Both pieces spanned the width of the two gates.

The 100x50 (4x2) was securely clamped to the gates locking the pair in position with one another.

Lift the pair of gates in position
Lifting the gates into position

The pair of gates, held together as one unit, were stood up and lifted into position between the gate posts.

Packers were put under each end until the gates were the right height, and wedges were placed between the gates and posts to hold and centralize them between the posts.

clamp the gates in position
Fixing the hinges

Once the gates were positioned correctly, the hinges were clamped to the gate.

This held the gates in position.

The hinges were then fixed to the gate and the clamps were taken off.

clamp the gates together
Preparing for the gate fittings

The two pieces of 100x50 (2x4) that held the gate in alignment were then taken off and replaced with one shorter piece clamped to the top of the two gates, to hold the gates rigid while the gate fittings were being fixed in place.

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