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Making Driveway Gates
double driveway gates
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How to make a pair of lumber driveway gates page:   seven
bullet Page one: Introduction - Plans - Lumber
bullet Page two: Marking, cutting and trenching the members
bullet Page three: Constructing the bottom T&G panel
bullet Page four: Constructing the top lattice panel
bullet Page five: Adding additional strengthening
bullet Page six: Gate installation
arrow Page seven: Gate hardware
bullet Page eight: Under-gate extension (part 1)
bullet Page nine: Under-gate extension (part 2)
bullet Under gate extension VIDEO

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Adding the hardware
NOTE: This page deals with the basic fittings which were required to open and shut the gates.
In does not take into consideration any of the fittings that were required for the 'under-gate movable extension device'.
Information regarding the latter can be found on page eight

Below is a drawing of the gate fittings, followed by a description.

gate fittings

[a] A strip of wood about 10mm (3/8") thick x 50mm (2") wide was nailed on one side to one gate but covered both gates.
The strip ran from top to bottom of the gates. It had to be cut around any gate fittings that were in the way.

The purpose of the strip of wood was to stop the gates from warping.

[b] A standard gate latch.

[c] Galvanized L-shaped angle bracket with a 25mm (1") hole in which the 20mm (3/4") drop rod slides through.

[d] Drop rod made out of 20mm (3/4) diameter steel. The length of the rod is 900mm (3ft) high with a 200mm (8") handle at right angles.
The drop rod was made at an engineering shop, since something so substantial could not be found at a building and hardware store. However it was a simple process to have it made and not very expensive.

[e] A standard drop bolt. This bolt is used to hold the gate in the open position.

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