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7'x8' Shed Plans
board and batten shed
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How to build a 2100mm x 2400mm (7ft x 8 ft)
Board-and-batten Shed

This free plan-set contains detailed plans, drawings and step-by-step instructions for a 2100mm x 2400mm (7ft x 8 ft) Board-and-batten Shed.     Contents at bottom of page.

NOTE: This complete plan-set can also be purchased in downloadable PDF format free of advertising and print friendly for only $5. To purchase click here

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This sturdy shed is constructed of 100x50 (2x4) framing and board-and-batten siding. The same boards that clad the walls are also used to clad the roof.

The footprint (ground area) is 2100mm (7ft) wide and 2400mm (8ft) deep.
The shed stands 2700mm (9ft) high at the apex which is the highest point, and tapers down to 1400mm (4' - 8") high at each side.

Double doors with a 1300mm (52") wide opening allows for easy access into the shed.

The structure sits on skids, thus making the shed relocatable.

The dimensions in this detailed plan-set are in both metric and imperial. All measurements are given first in millimeters followed by feet and/or inches in brackets.

The step-by-step instructions are accompanied by drawings for easier understanding.

To begin building your Board-and Batten Shed, skim thru all the pages to get a feeling of the project and then start at the Instructions page.

Hyperlinked page contents are listed at the bottom of every page making it easy to skip from page to page. A disclaimer is also at the bottom of this page.

The 'Parts List' below gives lengths of individual pieces. For overall quantities and all other materials go to the Shopping List

Note 1: All dimensions are given in both metric and imperial. Measurements are given first in millimeters followed by ft and/or inches in brackets.

Note 2: The size (width and thickness) of the lumber referred to in the 'Parts List' below is the nominal size. Because most framing lumber is dressed or seasoned the actual size of the lumber will be less than the nominal size.
For example: 100x50 (2x4) lumber when dressed or seasoned will have an actual size of approximately 90x45 (1 1/2"x 3 1/2").
The measurements given in all the plans in this project are the 'actual sizes'.

The Parts List

Part ID/Size For Amount and Lengths Comments
Floor and Sub-floor
[a] Skids 100x100 (4x4) Under floor 2 pieces 2400mm (96") Treated
[b] Joists 100x50 (2x4) Floor frame 9 pieces 2010mm (81") Treated
[c] End joists 100x50 (2x4) Floor frame 2 pieces 2400 (96") Treated
[e] Floor panel 18mm (3/4") plywood Floor 2 pieces 2100x1200 (4ft x 7ft) Treated. Cut from standard 2400x1200 (4ft x 8ft) shts
Frame: Wall and Roof
[f] Bottom plates 100x50 (2x4) Front/rear walls 2 pieces 2100mm (84")  
Side walls 2 pieces 2220mm (89")  
[g] Top plates 100x50 (2x4) Side walls 2 pieces 2220mm (89")  
[h] Studs 100x50 (2x4) Side walls 10 pieces 1175mm (47 5/8")  
Front wall 2 pieces 1200mm (48")
2 pieces 1500 (60")
Cut 45° angle one end of all front wall studs
Rear wall 2 pieces 1200mm (48")
2 pieces 1500 (60")
2 pieces 1950 (78")
Cut 45° angle one end of all rear wall studs
[i] Trimmer studs 100x50 (2x4) Front wall 2 pieces 1480 (59 3/4") Cut 45° angle one end of both trimmer studs
[j] Apex Block 100x50 (2x4) Apex Block 1 pieces 300 (12") Cut 45° angle to suit
[k] Blocking 100x50 (2x4) All walls Cut to suit. Approximately 18m (60ft) altogether.  
[l] Raking Top Plate 100x50 (2x4) Front and rear walls 4 pieces 1530mm (61 3/16") Cut 45° angle both ends
[m] Raking header 100x50 (2x4) Front wall 2 pieces 1040mm (41 5/8") Cut 45° angle both ends
[n] Ridge blocking 100x50 (2x4) Ridge Cut to suit. Approximately 2100mm (84") altogether.  
[0] Brace blocking 100x50 (2x4) Rear and side walls Cut to suit. Approximately 5.5m (18ft) altogether.  
[p] 30mm (1 1/4') wide galvanized metal strap ties Tie raking top plates and rafters together 7 pieces 300mm (12")  
[z] Rafters 100x50 (2x4) Roof 10 pieces 1485mm (59 3/8") Cut 45° angle both ends
[z1] Collar ties 100x50 (2x4) Roof 5 pieces 800mm (32") Cut 45° angle both ends
Exterior Cover: Siding and Roof
[q] Building wrap / Builders felt Wrap frame 22 sq meters (230 sq ft)  
[r] Vertical boards 250x25 (1x10) Siding 50 meters (164 ft) altogether  
[s] Vertical battens 75x25 (1x3) Siding 50 meters (164 ft) altogether  
[t] Trim 100x25 (1x4) Exterior corners and around door opening 10.5 meters (35ft) altogether  
[u] Roof sheathing 12mm (1/2" plywood) Roof 4 shts 1500mm x 1200mm (4ft x 5ft)  
[v] Roof boards 250x25 (1x10) Roof cover 16 pieces 2400mm (96")  
[w] Galvanized L shaped ridge flashing Roof ridge 1 piece 2400mm (96")  
[x] Rake boards 150x25 (1x6) Gables 4 pieces 1800mm (72")  
[y] Rake caps 100x25 (1x4) Cables 4 pieces 1800mm (72")  
[d1] Slats 150x25 (1x6) tongue and groove Door 10 pieces 2250mm (90")  
[d2] Braces 100x25 (1x4) Door bracing 9.5 meters (32ft)  
[d3] Astragal 50x25 (1x2) Door 1 piece 2250mm (90")  
[d4] Stop 50x25 (1x2) Door stop 5 meters (17ft)  
[d5] Hinges 150mm (6") "T" hinges Doors 6 of  

Disclaimer: Please read
These plans are for personal use only. It is the users's responsibility to apply for any required permits or consents and to build in accordance with the local building code.
Although all due care is taken, no responsibility is accepted by Buildeazy for any wrongful information, omissions, or any other irregularities regarding any plan set or Buildeazy article. This project is to be undertaken at the user's own risk. Buildeazy accepts no responsibility for any injury to any person occurring while using or undertaking this project or any other Buildeazy project, either directly or indirectly.
Copyright © 2006 www.buildeazy.com. All rights reserved. No unauthorized reproduction of these plans is permitted.

bulletPage 1:   Introduction - Parts List
bulletPage 2:   Plans, Layout
bulletPage 3:   Plans, Front and Roof
bulletPage 4:   Plans, Rear and sides
bulletPage 5:   Plans, Identifying the Members
bulletPage 6:   Instructions
bulletPage 7:   Instructions continued
bulletPage 8:   The Door
bulletPage 9:   Nailing and Fastening Information
bulletPage 10:   Shopping List and Glossary

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