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garden platform-cart

How to make a garden platform cart

Page one: Introduction
Page two: Plans - Parts - Cutting list
Page three: Instructions steps 1 - 3
Page four: Instructions steps 4 - 5
Page five: Instructions steps 6 - 8

Cut all the pieces

First cut all the pieces to length as given in the 'cutting list'.
Some pieces need to be angle-cut and shaped. There is a drawing of every piece of wood on the previous page.
The handle shape can be easily marked by using the grid plan (see the previous page).

Step 1. Make up the sides

The sides of the garden wooden platform cart

Nail the front legs [d] and the back legs [c] to the side pieces [a].

The two sides must be made up as a mirror image of each other.

Us the picture as reference.

Step 2. Add the strengtheners

strengthen the sides of the garden push cart

Nail the strengtheners [a2] to the sides [a] and the front and back legs [c, d].

Drill and bolt through the strengthener [a2], side [a] and the front leg [d] on each side.

Use 10mm (3/8") galvanized carriage bolts.

Step 3. Fix the two end pieces

complete the external frame work on the wooden garden push cart

Nail the two end pieces [b, b2] to the sides [a], strengtheners [a2] and the front and back legs [c, d] making a rectangle. This rectangle serves as the outside frame of the wooden push cart, albeit upside down.

If need be, refer to the plan and parts drawing on page two for part identification (part numbers and letters).

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