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garden platform-cart

How to make a garden platform cart

Page one: Introduction
Page two: Plans - Parts - Cutting list
Page three: Instructions steps 1 - 3
Page four: Instructions steps 4 - 5
Page five: Instructions steps 6 - 8

Step 4. Fix the inner frame

Fix in place the inner frame members [e, f] and the leg braces [c2, d2].

the platform cart frame The inner frame in the wooden garden platform cart

Step 5. Add the platform boards

The platform boards on the top of the wooden platform cart

Turn the unit the right way up and add the platform boards [g].

Use 60mm (2" or 2 1/2") galvanized flathead nails and nail the platform boards [g] to the side strengtheners [a2] and the inner frame members [e, f].

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