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garden platform-cart

How to make a garden platform cart

Page one: Introduction
Page two: Plans - Parts - Cutting list
Page three: Instructions steps 1 - 3
Page four: Instructions steps 4 - 5
Page five: Instructions steps 6 - 8

Step 6. Add the axle and wheels

The wheels and axle on the garden platform cart

Turn the unit upside down and add the wheel and axle set.

Fix the axle to the front legs [d] with pipe saddle clips and galvanized metal strap (or with other suitable fixings).

Note: This particular wheel and axle set was sourced from an old hand truck.
If you source a wheel and axle set with a different wheel diameter and axle width, then you will need to make suitable adjustments to the plan.

Step 7. Add the handles

The handles added to the garden platform cart

Simply a matter of adding the handles and...

platform cart project completed


Keep it away from the kids and you might even get a turn yourself!

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