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Building a wooden sun lounger

sun lounger in the park

Introduction & about the measurements

A lounger to relax in. This sun lounger is a bit different to most in so much as the back-rest cannot be adjusted. It is set permanently in its optimal position. This lounge chair can easily be moved from place to place in wheelbarrow fashion on its laminated wooden wheels. This particular lounger was made in early 2009. It has stood the test of time structurally and has proven to be a very comfortable unit. Over the years it has given many a comfortable relax.

The wood.

This sun lounger is constructed solely out of 1"x 4" (25 mm x 100 mm) wood which when dressed/planed becomes 3/4" x 3 1/2" (19 mm x 90 mm) finished (actual) size. The latter is what is used and what will be referred to throughout this project.

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The measurements.

The measurements throughout this project are given in both Standard (inches) and metric (mm). The standard measurements are best suited to North America and the metric measurements are best suited to Australasia and some other countries. The imperial (inch) sizes given in this project do not convert exactly to their corresponding metric (mm) equivalents (for practical reasons), so use one or the other and you should have no problems.

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