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Building a Police Box   a.k.a. The Doctor's TARDIS

Step 4. Make up the pillars

Each pillar consists of a center post [A] and surrounding pieces [B],[B2], & 2 [C]s.

TARDIS corner pillar profile

[A] is 90 mm x 90 mm (3½" x 3½") stock 2175 mm (87") long.
[B] is 170 mm x 45 mm (1½" x 6½") stock 2275 mm (91") long.
[B2] is 125 mm x 45 mm (1½" x 5") stock 2275 mm (91") long.
[C] is 90 mm x 35 mm (1½" x 3½") stock 2175 mm (87") long.

Pieces [C] need to be mitred (angled) 45° down one side, and pieces [B] and [B2] need to be shaped (circular edges).

Shape the profile of pieces [B] and [B2]

shaped TARDIS outer corner pillar

4.1. Make a 7 mm (5⁄16") deep cut, lengthwise down the face and edge 25 mm in from the corner.

4.2. Make another cut 16 mm (⅝") in from the corner with the blade set on a 45° angle and the blade depth set to 7 mm (5⁄16") - ending up with a trench the shape of half a V.

4.3. Round the corners of [B] and [B2] with a planer and sand paper to achieve as near as possible a 25 mm diameter round. corner pillar profiles

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Make up each corner pillar of the Police Box by joining piece [A] [B] [B2] and two [C]s.
Ensure one pair of corner pillars is made up in a mirror image of the other pair.

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