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Building a Police Box   a.k.a. The Doctor's TARDIS

Step 7. Make the walls

There are 4 walls. Three of them are identical, while the wall with the door differs.

Each wall comprises of two sheets of plywood - one being the solid backing piece and the other being strips (stiles and rails) glued and screwed to the former.

'Stiles' are the strips that run vertically and 'rails' are the strips that run horizontally.

Refer to the 'fixed wall' and 'wall/door' plans for dimensions and follow the instructions below.

Measure and mark on the backing piece panels where the stiles and rails are to go - and from there you can determine the windows.

Mark the window cut-out holes which will be 12 mm (1/2") bigger (all around) than the window markings.

Cut out the windows with a circular power saw and a handsaw, or a jig-saw.

TARDIS door being made - 1TARDIS door being made - 2 TARDIS window holesAll the TARDIS window holes

Cut the stiles, rails, and wall top trims

Cut all the panel stiles and rails including the angles (25°). Cut the stiles to length but cut the rails oversize lengthwise. They can be measured and cut to exact length once the stiles have been fixed in place.

Shape the top trim as per plan. Overall the trim will be 24 mm x 80 mm (1" x 3¼") with steps cut in it. Refer to drawing.

Fix the stiles and rails to the backing panels

Note: The stiles are the strips that run vertically and the rails are the strips that run horizontally

Glue the stiles to the panels and hold them there with a coupe of tacks (small nails, pins) so the panels can be turned over without the stiles falling off or moving position during the 'flipping' process.

Then screw through the panels into the stiles, pulling all the components tightly together and letting the glue do it's work.

Flip the panels over again so the face is on top. Then cut rails to fit between the stiles and fix them in the same way as the stiles were fixed. Sand all the panels.

The layout of the panel with the door is different to that of the other three panels. Once this is sanded, cut out the door with a circular saw and a handsaw and sand the freshly cut edges.

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These photos illustrate the explanations above.

TARDIS wall panel with stilesTARDIS wall panel with rails TARDIS wall and door panelsTARDIS door being cut out Tardis door and wall panelTardis door and wall panel

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